A Copper war-forged who's good with animals and has a fire pit on his back


Race: War-forged
Class: Battle Master
Age: 4,732
Weapon of Choice: Scythe
Favorite Color: Brown
Fun Fact: Feels a deep connection with nature. isn’t a druid


Like many War-forged Singe was just a generic warrior made by the Dwarves of The Imperium. Upon there fall however he was deactivated and sold off, He jumped from owner to owner being sold many times before being activated again.
When he was finally re awakened it was by that of a Halfling farmer. His original armor had been sold long ago and replaced by by some “ok” quality Copper armor presumably made by the halfling.
The Halfling’s name was Falpher Kasmo and referred to Singe as “Cooper”.
"Cooper"’s job was to protect the farm from random creatures from the forest and assist in the actual farming process. This is why Falpher got a specialized Scythe made for Singe’s size and for the use of combat and crop cutting. He Learned to use it quick from his forgotten sword training from his first life.
One night The farm was attacked, not by monsters but Humans, They came in large numbers and Singe couldn’t fight them off on his own.
Falpher was hurt bad and he was close to deactivating so he went against his orders to protect the farm and instead grabbed Falpher and ran.
He shuts down.
He’s awakened in a forest a few thousand years later covered in moss and vines with a beehive in his chest. He’s been activated by a Human named Vincent Silver.