Lizz Kwara ithil [hold moon]--Berve

[]Alignment; chaotic neutral [] Race; half elf [] Class; Cleric [] Hair; braided black/red ting [] Eyes; green


Experience Level next Level
4700 4 1800

Alignment; chaotic neutral
Race; half elf-tiefling
Class :Cleric-
Gender; female
Hair; braided black/red ting
Eyes; green
Size; medium
Height; 5’6
Weight; 150
Age; 27

14 str +2 athletics +4
13 dex +1 n/a
15 con +2 n/a
15 int +2 religion +4
19 wis +4 survival +6
17 cha +3 persuasion +5

Speed; 30

Languages; common ,elvish, aarakocran, draconic Vision; darkvision

Racial Traits; don’t need sleep/ meditate 4 hours [] resistance to fire [] No sleep spells work on me [] Advantage in being charmed with magic [] can play lute
Wings DD
Flaws: compulsive lier

Hit points 38;38
Armor 16
No armor 14
Prepared spells
Spell save dc 14
Spell atk mod 6


Dad: Arvid Berve- eagle tree
Mom:Lia kwara ithil

Born in The Glades to a priestess of the moon god. Then was kidnaped by her human father who treated her like a slave until an elf hit squad saved her and killed her father(she killed him). After returning to the glades a distantly related elf family took her in. she was taught how to be a priest and a cleric and was a natural do to her mother’s blood but was looked at sideways because of her human blood. During this time her and the son of the family that took her in where getting ‘close’[(Sovelise). by this time she had become a full priests and cleric her now lover Sovelise also finished his training to be a paladin. They wanted to make there relationsip official Sovelise’s father allowed them to court but only in secret for he was a lord a minor one but still a lord and could not allow a half-elf marry his one son no matter who their parents were. at this point in her life she was happy even tho people still looked at her sideways she had a purpose, family, for the first time in her life someone she trusted and loved. at this point Sovelise was now part of the army as a low ranking officer. Lizz became a medic for the army so she could stay close to him its was at this time that she found her love of the spear. Also at this point he was sent to handal to some______ and was killed and lizz went after him and ran into the party.
{after joining the party}
shit got fucked up

Lizz Kwara ithil [hold moon]--Berve

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