Sahvull Leadmaul


Str 20 ( + 5)
Dex 16 ( + 3)
Con 17 ( + 3)
Int 10 ( + 0)
Wis 9 ( – 1)
Cha 15 ( + 2)

Ac 18 (13 unarmored)

languages – Common, Dwarven, Draconic

Movement speed – 30

HP – 38

saving throws – Str, Con

Feats- Monkey grip- can use two handed
weapons with one hand

Weapons – Maul (2D6 + str mod), Warhammer (1D10 + str mod)

skills- intimidation, perception

Resistant to cold


Shavull is a 6’4" 270lbs. white chromatic dragonborn with sharp blue eyes, he is also usually drunk and has a strange obsession with hammers. He was abandon by his parents and raised by dwarves. His ultimate goal is to find and slaughter his biological parents. Shavull’s mental state is…less than optimal, but seems to get slightly better when drunk, and dramatically better after injuring or killing another dragonborn. Shavull has a secret love for bunnies and humans, but the party will never know this (dont metagame).

Sahvull Leadmaul

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